Louis Romano


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Five years ago, the world found themselves conflicted as they cheered for a serial killer. John Deegan, ex-special ops and a master of disguise with his appearance and voice, was the most hunted man on the planet for murdering pedophiles by stabbing them in their necks with sharpened-to-a-point crucifixes, and that included the priest who molested him when he was a little boy. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church still never made any changes to protect children. It is now 2016, and Pope Francis, leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, is retiring due to ill health, and all the world's cardinals will be descending upon the Sistine Chapel for the conclave to elect a new pope. When a string of gruesome murders take place in and around the catacombs, historic churches, and homosexual hot spots of Rome, some fear the worst is yet to come, and the prophesy of St. Malachy may be taking place ~ that Pope Francis, the 212th pope, will be the Church's last pope, as clearly, a madman is on the loose.

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