Game of Pawns: Gino Ranno Takes Control
Game of Pawns: Gino Ranno Takes Control

Louis Romano

Game of Pawns: Gino Ranno Takes Control

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Author: Romano, Louis

Number Of Pages: 380

Release Date: 24-03-2016


-The head of the biggest NYC crime family, Carmine Miceli, Jr., is taken in on racketeering charges. His life-long friend, Gino Ranno, is forced to become the head of the family he has so desperately tried to keep at arm's length.

-His first order of business: The Russian mob. Infringing on the illegal profits made on the streets through prostitution, insurance scams, and the drug world, the Russians are also engaged in harvesting young, female body parts, through surgeons who are secretly on their payroll, to be sold onto the black market to the highest bidder.

-As Gino and the Albanian mafia join forces to end these brutal murders, a well-to-do American family find themselves in a quandary when their college-aged son is in desperate need of a kidney transplant and they are offered one for a price. How far will they go to save their son? How far would you go?

-Drawn into their high stakes game... A GAME OF PAWNS ... Gino soon comes to the heart-pounding realization that his life and a slew of people he's known for years are dependent upon him to keep them safe and any of his decisions now will determine whether he, his friends, and associates live or die.

Languages: English