Carusi: The Shame of Sicily (Heritage Collection)
Carusi: The Shame of Sicily (Heritage Collection)

Louis Romano

Carusi: The Shame of Sicily (Heritage Collection)

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Author: Romano, Louis

Number Of Pages: 308

Release Date: 17-01-2019


-A fiery explosion in the sulfur mine kills his father leaving 5 year old Aspanu head of his family.

-His mother struggles as she is faced with signing his life away as an indentured servant, saying he will now work in the 100+ degree mines to pay off their debt.

-When the townspeople see no real change in their working conditions regarding their safety, and the people are fed up with unfair labor practices, they hold clandestine meetings to stage a massive riot in the square.

-Civil unrest boils and comes to a head. Impending, dangerous backlash looms when the mine owners find out.

-Aspanu's mother's 'connections' warn her to not be in the square when the riot takes place, and she in turn tells her son, but he doesn't listen.

-Screams, dark clouds of explosives, thunderous noise, and dead bodies line the streets. One of the bodies is someone who Aspanu loved dearly.

-Emmigrating to America, he tries to forget his heart-breaking past and make a new life for himself.

-He learns a lot about the values we all hold dear, and where the church, the mafia, and freinds and family fit in to that picture.

Languages: English