Born in the Life - eBook (2nd edition)
Born in the Life - eBook (2nd edition)

Louis Romano

Born in the Life - eBook (2nd edition)

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Newly edited and revamped edition of this True Crime Story:

What does a real-life Mafia enforcer actually do on a day-to-day basis? Born in the Life illustrates Gene Borrello's profound treachery in the Bonanno crime family and the penalties he was forced to live with.  Gene Borrello's story is not something that everyone has already heard or read about or has seen on various documentaries and dramatic cable shows on the history of the Mafia. Borrello's story is current day, not something from the days of Bugsy Siegel, Albert Anastasia, and Mayer Lansky or a Mario Puzzo compilation of the old days. The Borrello saga is about a thirty-six-year-old mob enforcer who was born into the life with the true nitty gritty, unglamorous street life that led to his being locked up for a third of his life until he finally said... enough.

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