BESA - Audio Book

Louis Romano

BESA - Audio Book

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Details: Product Description An Albanian's word of honor, their BESA, is the pride that has made their clans fearless fighters for centuries. In the streets of the Bronx, New York, their code has made the "Sons of the Eagle" a community that has become a powerhouse over the last forty years. Kirkus Reviews..."An engrossing, solidly entertaining organized-crime story with a few twists." When one of their own is believed to have been killed by an Italian American with ties to a weakened New York Mafia family, nothing will prevent the Albanians from taking back blood...a gjakmarrja is called for. The result is a head-on collision with two cultures that place blood vengeance above all forms of justice. About the Author: Inspired by real-life experience and a rich Sicilian heritage, Romano gives the reader a front seat in the story of old-school Italians versus Albanians in New York City's mob world. With a gritty realism, "BESA" puts the reader in the middle of the action. Born and raised in the Bronx, Romano is an Italophile, entrepreneur, and not your typical author. He has worked successfully at the executive level in New York City’s energy and fuel oil industry, and is currently CEO of Informa Energy. His first novel, "FISH FARM" received rave reviews. "BESA" is the second of four planned books in the Gino Ranno series. "ANXIETY'S NEST," a book of poetry, was released in 2011.

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